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Quebec Customers Grow Hydroponic Sprouts To Supply Restaurants

Quebec Customers Grow Hydroponic Sprouts To Supply Rest […]

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Polish Customers Cultivate Lettuce Seedlings Using Microgreen System

Polish Customers Cultivate Lettuce Seedlings Using Micr […]

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Saint Lucia Customer Repurchases Microgreen System to Cultivate Vegetable Seedlings

Saint Lucia Customer Repurchases Microgreen System to C […]

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Australian Customer Buys Three Microgreen Systems

Australian Customer Buys Three Microgreen Systems.The c […]

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Italian Microgreen System

Italian Microgreen System.The Italian customer is a farmer. They have many farms in Africa. He often buys things in China. He is very interested in our hydroponic products.

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Puerto Rico NFT Hydroponics System

Puerto Rico NFT Hydroponics System.Brady, a customer from Puerto Rico, was interested in our hydroponic NFT tube at the beginning.

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Bolivian Customers Purchase 5 Microgreen Systems

Bolivian Customers Purchase 5 Microgreen Systems.Pedro paz is a customer from Bolivia. He wants to retail microgreen systems in their market.

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Peruvian Hydroponic Microgreen System

Peruvian Hydroponic Microgreen System.The customer of Peru is an investor. Because of the shortage of global food resources

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Croatian Hydroponic Tower System

Croatian Hydroponic Tower System.The customer inquires on Google. He is a fan of our Facebook.

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Thailand seedling machine

Thailand seedling machine.The customer from Thailand, Charles Shao, is the founder of Huaxia Animal Husbandry Company

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American Hydroponic Trays 

American Hydroponic Trays .The customer is from the United States and currently feeds 25 adult sheep on his local farm

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Kazakhstan Microgreen System

Kazakhstan Microgreen System.The customer is from Kazakhstan and inquired about our microgreen system through Alibaba.

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Canadian Microgreen System

Canadian Microgreen System.This customer is an inquiry from Ali.

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Polish Hydroponic Tower And Microgreen System

Polish Hydroponic Tower And Microgreen System

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Malaysia Microgreen Rack System

Malaysia Microgreen Rack System.The client is a seaman from Malaysia who wants to start a side business for his family.

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Australian Microgreen Rack System

Australian microgreen rack system.The customer is a Japanese living in Australia, and the purpose of inquiring about the microgreen rack system is to develop microgreen business locally.

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Dubai Hydroponic Tray

Dubai Hydroponic Tray.The customer found it on WhatsApp, what the customer wanted was the ebb pallet

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French Hydroponics Tray

French Hydroponics Tray.The client, from France, runs his own start-up company, mainly engaged in vertical agriculture.

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Mauritius Hydroponics Tower System

Mauritius Hydroponics Tower System.Mauritius customer Vishal Goorapah need to grow green leafy vegetables on hydroponic tower and grow lettuce at home to meet their daily consumption.

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Spain Microgreen Rack System

Spain Microgreen Rack System.The customer is feeding 3,000 sheep in Spain.

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American Microgreen System

American Microgreen System.The American customer wanted a set of 3-1 seedling rack with lamp and 3-1 seedling bed.

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Cameroon Hydroponics 85 Trays

Cameroon Hydroponics 85 Trays.A client from Cameroon, has his own farm with some cattle and sheep.

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Australia Hydroponic Tray

Australia Hydroponic Tray.The customer is from Australia, he has his own farm, this customer only has 2 days from inquiry to payment

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Microgreen system from LYINE

Microgreen system from LYINE.Microgreen system planting no need to spray peaticides,only need clean water

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The microgreen system does not need to spray pesticides, but only needs to spray clean water, so the products cultivated by this system are green and pollution-free.

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Australian Microgreen rack hydroponic system

Australian Microgreen rack hydroponic system.The client is from Australia, an individual investor, who wants to try to develop a local hydroponic sprout business

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Malaysian Seedling Rack Hydroponic Case

Malaysian Seedling Rack Hydroponic Case.The client is from Malaysia, is running an aquaponics project and needs to find a seedling system to provide hydroponic vegetable seedlings for the project.

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Cameroon hydroponic tray

Cameroon hydroponic tray.A client from Cameroon wanted some hydroponic trays to grow corn and fodder to feed the farm’s cattle and sheep.

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American Hydroponic Seedling Rack System

The customer is a farmer who has opened a hydroponic greenhouse in the United States, and his products need to be certified by the local organic certification, so he needs seedling equipment to grow seedlings for his greenhouse.

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United Arab Emirates hydroponic microgreen system

United Arab Emirates hydroponic microgreen system

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