• Save Water Resources

  • Space Utilization High

  • High Planting Density

Zip Wall Hydroponic System Manufacturer

zip wall hydroponic system for sale

Zip hydroponic system is probably one of the most popular hydroponic grow systems in the past ten years after NFT, DWC, and aquaponic system, etc, ( just like the aeroponic tower system ).

This is all thanks to Dr. Nate Storey, the creator of #ZipGrow so many years of hard research.

Its advantages are also obvious:

Lightweight, easy to transport, simple assembly.
Which use rattan cotton (larger than sponge pores), and non-woven fabric as the cultivation substrate. They can make the distribution of water and nutrient solution more even, and reduce energy consumption in the cycle.

The zip wall hydroponic systems also have a high space utilization rate, just like other indoor vertical hydroponic systems.

For example, a planting area of 15 square meters, that can plant at least 1000 lettuce ( 3~5 times that of traditional agriculture ), the output can reach half a ton.

Our Most Popular Zip Hydroponic System

Zip vertical hydroponic system for sale lyine group
Type ⇧Single Zip Wall Hydroponic
SizeL 2+W 0.6+H 2 (m)
Number of Tube12
Planting Density per Tube6 plants per meters / Tube ( standard )
Planting Density144
MOQ2 sets
2-sided Zip Wall Hydroponic system
⇦ Type2-sided Zip Wall Hydroponic
SizeL 2+W 1.2+H 2 (m)
Number of Tube12*2
Planting Density per Tube6 plants per meters / Tube ( standard )
Planting Density288
MOQ2 sets

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Why Choose Lyine Hydroponic System

Customized Design

In addition to site planning and drawings design. LYINE determines the composition of hydroponic systems according to the actual conditions of the crops you plant, location, environment, and lack of water and electricity, etc.

Local Support

Installation, Design, After-sales Service. Among them, we cooperate with local design and software companies to help users quickly solve pre-planning and after-sales service problems. Especially the hydroponic farm project.

Complete System

You will be surprised that the range of hydroponic systems we can produce is so wide that it can almost meet the needs of all traders, farm owners, and end-users. Moreover, adjustments can be made in time according to actual needs.

Rich Experience

In Qinghai, Xinjiang, Dubai, and South Africa, etc., We help to build a number of hydroponic farm projects. And now, a 2,000㎡ hydroponic experimental exhibition greenhouse in cooperation with the local government is also under preparation.

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2-sided Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems Design

2-sided zip hydroponic system project design 25mx8.5m
2-sided zip hydroponic system project design plan 25mx8.5m
2-sided zip hydroponic system project design effect 25mx8.5m

▲ The system uses PVC structure, no heavy metal, corrosion resistance, lightweight, easy to install and transport. The tube is smooth and strong, increasing flow and reducing pressure loss, energy consumption lower.

The types of hanging, fixed, Lengthen, Bending, etc., which any hydroponic system that fits your planting site we can also provide. As well as the automatic water circulation system, automatic temperature control system, waste liquid filtration and recycling, wifi control, and other easy-to-manage auxiliary equipment.

If you want to build your own hydroponic farm, or plan a healthy vegetable garden in your home, please contact us to give you a quick, assured, and useful design production experience.

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