Vertical Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

Vertical indoor hydroponic grow cabinet
Standardized, automated indoor vertical growing system for the home garden. Usually, we provide standard sizes as length of 850mm, width 360mm, height 1800mm.
  • 4 layers, each layer has 18 planting holes, and each hydroponic cabinet can grow 72 plants.
  • 3 LED grow lights on each layer, full spectrum, to meet the photosynthesis needs of various vegetables.
  • Confined spaces can maintain sufficient temperature & humidity, and prevent pests.

Complete Hydroponic Grow Kits

  • Equipped with an automatic water circulation and water temperature control system.
  • The air system equipped on the side, can maintain the airflow in the device and stabilize the temp and humidity.
  • The power, lights, water, fans, etc. of the system can be remotely controlled through the mobile phone.

Grow Cabinet Advantages

Indoor efficient

More than 72 planters in less than 1 square meter.The technology to serve your family: 3 minutes to program the growth of your planters via the control board with its intuitive use.

Faster Growth

The nutriments, irrigation and photosynthesis control allows faster returns up to 20% depending of varieties.

Environmentally friendly

90% water saving compared to traditional soil agriculture.using no chemical pesticides, ripener, hormone, your vegetables, being safe and pollution free.


Enjoy fresh veggies from picking to the dinner table. Supply chain free of transport, No nutritional value lost.

Extreme Conditions

Developed for inhospitable environments such as space, the Arctic or natural disaster areas, it provides fresh basic products quilky.

Technical Parameter

NameHydroponic Grow Cabinet
Water tank40 Liters
Growth LightsLED 1:1 Full spectrum light / 3 per tray with
Control PannelSmart lightning Smart Irrigation Smart control of the environment
Growing Capacities4 layers :72 Planters ( 18 per layer x 4 ) + 82 seeding Planters in the Nursery ( x 1 Layer )
CertificationCE – EN14960-2013 ,EU EMC – 2014/30/EU, ISO 9001 ,ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Input Voltage220 Volts / 110 Volts (US adapter supplied)
CustomizedThe size can be customized according to your needs
Plant TypesLegumes, Aromatics Herbs. Fruit, Flowers
Temperature controlBased on room environment temperature

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Three Innovative Technologies

Smart Lighting System

The LED system has an appropriate intensity and light spectrum, which are best suited to the growth of leafy vegetables.

If photosynthesis of vegetables is high, quality is a consequence with nutritive and quantitative yields. Our intelligent system adjusts the lighting mode according to the location of the machine in the house, leaving the choice of location in the living environment

LED full spectrum fill light, 1:1 simulated sunlight, energy saving and environmental protection, consume 1-1.8 kWh per day.

Daily timed intelligent control by the automatic light switch.

The number, density, and distance from the vegetables are scientifically set.

Smart Circulation System

♥ The cultivation layer adopts the international advanced NFT nutrient liquid film hydroponic technology, which can accurately control the water level of the cultivation layer within 3mm, so that the main root is immersed in the nutrient solution layer to fully absorb mineral nutrients, and the lateral roots are exposed to the air to fully absorb oxygen, ensuring Vegetable roots grow vigorously, and vegetable seedlings grow robustly.

♥ The seedling layer breakthrough adopts tidal irrigation. The environment of “high humidity and high air permeability” is most conducive to the germination and rooting of seeds

Smart Control System

  • The lighting mode and water cycle interval can be adjusted according to the indoor environment and the different positions of the machine at home.

  • Each layer contains its own automation, from the nursery to those 4 plantations layers which can be active or not in order to save energy.

  • It can monitor the temperature change of vegetable growth environment in real time.

  • When the water level in the water tank is lower than the lowest water level line, the intelligent control system will promptly report the alarm.

What Hydroponic Vegetables Can You Grow?

Bitter Chrysanthemum



Fruit Rradish

Italian Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

Milk Cabbage

Panax Nnotoginseng


Purple Rrape

Red Maple Lettuce


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