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Hydroponic Shipping Container Farm

The hydroponic shipping container farm is essentially a small movable greenhouse. It is a solid green ammunition warehouse created by people to deal with land desertification, lack of water resources, or lack of land.

Our customers use this hydroponic system to cultivate the crops they need, such as fodder, corn seedlings, sprouts, mushrooms, vegetables, and ginseng, etc.

One of the advantages of our products: After all the system components are assembled, there is no need to install them again, that means after being transported to your local area, they only need to be connected to water and electricity to start work.

Please perform the planting steps according to the operating manual and wait for harvesting crops. Of course, it’s short for waiting time, as shown in the picture on your right, the wheatgrass has grown in less than a week.

Introduction Video of Container Interior
VR 360-degree viewing of tthe container

Hydroponic Container Farm Details

Hydroponic container farm details 6
Hydroponic container farm details 7
Hydroponic container farm details 8

Our Most Popular Hydroponic Shipping Container

hydroponics shipping container for sale lyine
Type ReferenceDaily OutputSizeTrays QTY
Household Small100 kg2.9×1.0x2.2 m50
20  Feet Container500 kg6.1×2.3×2.4 m250
40 Feet Container1000-1500 kg12.8×2.5×2.9 m500-800

Fodder Systems For Sale

As we mentioned above, no matter what type like small, 20 or 40 feet reefer container. The final hydroponic system you received is fully assembled, after placing it in the designated location, it only needs to be connected to water and electricity to work.

Barley, Wheat, Maize, Alfalfa, Sprouts,etc, these all can culture of seedling in fodder system.

Household small hydroponic shipping container for sale lyine group

Household Small Hydroponic Container

20 feet hydroponic shipping container for sale lyine group

20 Feet Reefer Container Hydroponic Farm

40 feet hydroponic shipping container for sale lyine group

40 Feet Reefer Container Hydroponic Farm

Do You Have A Hydroponic Container Farm Project We Can Help With?


Why Choose Lyine Hydroponic System

Customized Design

In addition to site planning and drawings design. LYINE determines the composition of hydroponic systems according to the actual conditions of the crops you plant, location, environment, and lack of water and electricity, etc.

Local Support

Installation, Design, After-sales Service. Among them, we cooperate with local design and software companies to help users quickly solve pre-planning and after-sales service problems. Especially the hydroponic farm project.

Complete System

You will be surprised that the range of hydroponic systems we can produce is so wide that it can almost meet the needs of all traders, farm owners, and end-users. Moreover, adjustments can be made in time according to actual needs.

Rich Experience

In Qinghai, Xinjiang, Dubai, and South Africa, etc., We help to build a number of hydroponic farm projects. And now, a 2,000㎡ hydroponic experimental exhibition greenhouse in cooperation with the local government is also under preparation.

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Custom Design Plan

Start With An Idea

Hydroponic Shipping Container Project Case Design

Please note that our hydroponic container project design is not just a plane design, but practical design inside more important. For example, what kind of crops do you want to grow? How to choose various functional equipment according to the growth of plants? Is there any way to deal with drought, water shortage, electricity shortage, and severely cold areas? How to match different hydroponic systems? and so on.

There are many small skills in the process of agricultural production that can play a decisive role in the growth of plants, and our task is to integrate these practical details into our system as much as possible, to help you get a more relaxed operating experience.

40 feet hydroponic container farms for sale lyine outline design40 feet hydroponic container farms for sale lyine design
hydroponic tomato tower system 40 feet shipping container for sale
hydroponic farming 40 feet shipping container for sale hydroponic zip system
40 feet container farms hydroponic strawberry system for sale
40 feet container farms hydroponic tomato system for sale
20 feet hydroponic container farms for sale lyine

More Tips About The Hydroponic Shipping Container Farm

You may also be concerned about container farm cost, quality, purchase precautions, and other issues of it. Here we will help you understand briefly.
  • Why use a freezer container as farm housing?
    Itself has the characteristics of heat preservation, sealing, and protection. In particular, heat preservation and moisturization can reduce energy consumption.
  • Why can some hydroponic container farms have such a low cost?
    There are generally two situations.
    The normal one is caused that technology is low and functional equipment few. So the stability of your planting cannot be guaranteed, more troublesome for management.
    Another situation requires vigilance.
    Some suppliers will remove a few necessary parts to reduce costs, such as the aluminum plate at the bottom of the container, or use the shelf of poor quality, this will greatly reduce the service life of it. How to identify it? You can jump or step on it.

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