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NFT Hydroponic System Suppliers

NFT Hydroponic System Suppliers Lyine Group

NFT Hydroponic System. The “NFT”, as we knew that is short for nutrient film technique.

This kind of system has a wide range of application ways and low technical requirements, so it is very practical. That is suitable for pesticide-free cultivation in a greenhouse. A very easy-to-manage hydroponic farm can be established which is according to factors such as different sites, environments, crops, and input costs.

Just needs to use all kinds of tubes and build in a certain way to complete the construction, maybe you think so.

But the truth is, you have to consider those key factors that will affect crop growth in actual planting, even kill them, like the flow rate and depth of the water, and PH or EC detection and correction. In a vertical NFT system, energy consumption must also be considered, Whether the led grow lights work effectively, and so on.

So, that’s why we are here, and what we do.

Our Most Popular NFT Hydroponic System

Vertical NFT Hydroponic System Mobile Type
NFT Grow System Mobile Type

Small pvc NFT hydroponics system, this kind of hydroponic NFT growing stand can be equipped with wheels. It is very suitable for use in basements, balconies, back gardens and other places. That is very convenient for users with a small planting area and can be customized to a high degree.

Hydroponic NFT Multi-layer Type

For users with relatively small planting areas, if you want to increase yield, of course you might to choose this. You can increase yield by 30% to 50% by using vertical space. Moreover, in the actual planting process, it is also possible to use plant growth lights to ensure sufficient light sources for your vegetables.

Vertical NFT Hydroponic System Multi Layer Type
Vertical NFT Hydroponic System A Type
Hydroponic NFT A-Type

It’s very friendly for use in greenhouses or gardens. And because of the trapezoidal structure, the plants can be evenly irradiated by natural light, that’s why It is also an ideal NFT hydroponic setup ​for a backyard hydroponic greenhouse with limited planting space. Therefore, the vegetables can also grow normally without LED grow lights.

Hydroponic NFT I-Type

It can be used in narrow spaces (gardens, walls, etc.), or to supplement the remaining planting space after other hydroponic systems are planned. Which is can save more horizontal space compared to NFT A-type. But it is not an ideal hydroponic system for a greenhouse with sufficient planting area, and the building cost will be higher than the type of multi-layer NFT.

Vertical NFT Hydroponic System I Type

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Why Choose Lyine Hydroponic System

Customized Design

In addition to site planning and drawings design. LYINE determines the composition of hydroponic systems according to the actual conditions of the crops you plant, location, environment, and lack of water and electricity, etc.

Local Support

Installation, Design, After-sales Service. Among them, we cooperate with local design and software companies to help users quickly solve pre-planning and after-sales service problems. Especially the hydroponic farm project.

Complete System

You will be surprised that the range of hydroponic systems we can produce is so wide that it can almost meet the needs of all traders, farm owners, and end-users. Moreover, adjustments can be made in time according to actual needs.

Rich Experience

In Qinghai, Xinjiang, Dubai, and South Africa, etc., We help to build a number of hydroponic farm projects. And now, a 2,000㎡ hydroponic experimental exhibition greenhouse in cooperation with the local government is also under preparation.

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NFT Hydroponics Project Case Design

NFT Hydroponic Greenhouse

NFT Hydroponic Greenhouse Design

▲ Planting site planning

NFT Grow System for Garden

NFT Grow System for Garden Design

▲ Indoor or outdoor NFT hydroponics system layout

NFT Hydroponics Setup Improve

NFT Hydroponics Setup A-type Improve

▲ NFT A-type structural design, which was converted into the Strawberry Hydroponic System

How to Build A NFT Hydroponic System?

or, what questions should you pay attention to when buying the NFT hydroponic system?

If you just go to buy some NFT hydroponic kit and DIY. The first thing you can think of is the thickness of the PVC tube, the power of the pump, and whether the system is suitable for plants that you want to grow, etc. The verification method is usually very simple, such as the quality of the tube, just try your foot on it.

In addition, the hydroponic farm place design, you must know the length, width, and height, no matter what the size of the area. And Experienced people will calculate the expected quantity of the plants in this space (that is, how many vegetables you want to grow) . You have to understand that a good NFT hydroponic system plan is a comprehensive manifestation. Otherwise, it will only produce trouble during planting.

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