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As an expert in indoor vertical farming systems, we use professional project experience and turnkey solutions to solve large-scale indoor farm planning & product problems for commercial customers. Which can also provide an independent, intelligent indoor hydroponic system for home planting.

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Indoor vertical hydroponic farming has a great return on investment, it’s true. Space utilization and planting efficiency have been improved, and greatly improved crop yields and growth rates with the support of vertical hydroponic growing systems, light source systems, and automated nutrient systems of water and fertilizer. Did you know that the total vegetable output of a 100 m2 indoor farm can be the same as a small-scale greenhouse of 2,000 m2?

Considerations for indoor agriculture

1. Is there enough budget or investment to support your decision?
2. Is there any market demand for the crops you choose? Are there sales channels?
3. Are there any planned buildings to set up your indoor farm?
4. Have you heard about the support of the local Ministry of Agriculture for hydroponic agriculture?
5. Do hydroponic farms really have room for development in your places?

If your land not yet planned , please give us your demand , our team will give you most satisfactory proposals

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Types of Indoor Farming

The biggest advantage of indoor farming is that it allows growers to optimize the growing process for higher yields.Droughts, storms, insect infestations and all the other hazards of growing outdoors are eradicated.

  • Aeroponic Tower System is a complete indoor grow system with automated remote control. You can purchase our fixed styles directly, or customize the size according to your needs.

  • The whole package is transported, and the family planting can be started after the water and electricity are connected.

  • Small-scale hydroponic indoor farms are also developed on the basis of this hydroponic cabinet, like backyard vertical farming at home, rooftop, basement, or garage. Easier to assemble, and arrange.

  • Automated indoor vertical growing system for the home garden. Usually, we provide standard sizes as length of 850mm, width 360mm, height 1800mm.
  • 4 layers, each layer has 18 planting holes, and each hydroponic cabinet can grow 72 plants.

  • 3 LED grow lights on each layer, full spectrum, to meet the photosynthesis needs of various vegetables.

  • Confined spaces can maintain sufficient temperature  humidity, and prevent pests.

  • Compared to planting on the rooftop, many people are increasing their income streams by setting up indoor farms in vacant areas such as office buildings, residential complexes, basements, etc.

  • Moreover, clients with serious urbanization and few land resources have more and more demands for this.

  • If you’re interested in this business, you can get started to know with our indoor farm showroom.

Indoor Warehouse Farming

  • The warehouse is a common site for large-scale indoor farms, because of its sufficient vertical height without too many obstacles, it can flexibly design.

  • Before your order starts, we will help you understand all aspects of the hydroponic farm project, and provide information and references.You can make a judgment on whether to start this business in a short time.

  • Hydroponic fodder container is a new fresh fodder planting mode for animals.the system is automatically controlled by Programmable Logic Controller,automatic control via touch screen on the control panel.The system could provide the most suitable required environment for the fodder growth with energy saving,water saving,labor saving,environmental Protection,healthy.
  • Hydroponic fodder container system is an ideal solution for proving fresh fodder for animals bcz of high protein content,especially suit for any places with harsh growing environment such as land lacking,land barren,desert,very hot & super cool climate.

Ready To Start Your Indoor Farming Project

You can learn very detailed data about the whole project before starting your project.

Including products lists, project costs, planning drawings, and annual production estimates for target crops, etc. All of these are customized and organized for you according to your actual situation and can help you have a clear understanding of the input and output of the whole indoor farming project within a week.

Get Free Indoor Farming Solutions And Designs


Restate, before the whole indoor farm project starts.

I mean before you have a clear understanding of what is an indoor vertical farm?
What can we offer you?
Does the overall project plan meet your expectations?
In the end, before you confirm the contract and pay the deposit.

You can get data information all about the project of indoor farming without any burden. FREELY.

Including configuration details, preliminary planning of indoor farms, functions, and effects of various equipment, annual output estimates of target crops, etc. You can also get a complete breakdown of project costs, all of which can help you decide within a week if you can start a hydroponic farming project.

It saves communication costs for both of us.

One-Stop Service

To realize fully automated indoor vertical farming

many other auxiliary equipment are needed, such as Lift Truck, Automatic Vegetable Packaging Machines, Disinfection Device, Packaging Bags & Boxes, Solar Energy Equipment, Seawater Desalination Treatment System, Planting Consumables, or Storage Device, etc. .

In the process of solving these businesses for customers, we have accumulated a large number of supply chain resources for related products.

We can provide you with any equipment needed for indoor farms, review supplier capabilities, monitor product quality, ensure that equipment matches the farm, and guarantee after-sales capabilities. Most importantly, it saves you time and hassle by avoiding the need to communicate with different suppliers.

If you have any questions, I’m sure we can help you out.

Is Indoor Farming a Good Investment?

Commercial indoor farms are undoubtedly a good investment.
However, most people only pay attention to the investment in the construction of the farm itself, which is not enough.
The focus is —

  • What do you grow?
  • Have you found sufficient and stable sales channels for this crop?
  • How are their profits?
  • Is this business sustainable locally?

Then, we can help you plan the vertical farm, provide design drawings, product list, project cost, annual output estimate, and so on.
At this point, you can judge for yourself whether indoor farming is a good investment, they come from weighing between input and output.

The most commendable thing is that in hydroponics China, we assist you to complete this process. For FREE.