• Space Utilization Increased By 80%

  • Water consumption reduced by 90%

  • Yield per unit area increased by 30%

Our Most Popular Hydroponic System Types

If you are looking for the best type of hydroponic system, I’m sorry, I can’t give you an accurate answer, because hydroponics is a kind of agricultural science and technology, it’s a targeted solution to agricultural planting and various environmental conflicts, and to improve planting efficiency to get benefits from it.

You will know which crops are currently most suitable for which hydroponic system, their energy consumption, and what difficulties can they overcome (such as arid areas, severe cold areas, small planting areas, etc.)? , The cost of input, the effectiveness of actual planting, and how to make a hydroponic grow system, and so on.

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Vertical Hydroponics Tower System for Sale Lyine Group

Aeroponic Grow Tower System

Compared with hydroponics system, the advantage of aeroponic grow tower is that it can help the roots of plants get more oxygen, use less water and nutrient, these can also help you reduce wastewater generation, and save more cost and technical investment.

NFT Hydroponic System Lyine Group

NFT Hydroponic System ( Nutrient Film Technique )

This system has a wide range of application ways and low technical requirements, so it is very practical. That is suitable for pesticide-free cultivation in a greenhouse. A very easy-to-manage hydroponic farm can be established which is according to factors such as different sites, environments, crops, and input costs.

Hydroponics Zip System Lyine Group

Zip Wall Hydroponic System

Lightweight, easy to transport, simple assembly.
Which use rattan cotton (larger than sponge pores), and non-woven fabric as the cultivation substrate. They can make the distribution of water and nutrient solution more even, and reduce energy consumption in the cycle.

Shipping Container Farm Lyine Group

Hydroponic Shipping Container Farms

There are no specific styles for a shipping container farm. You can think of it as a small, full-featured hydroponic greenhouse. As for the internal structure, it can be highly customized. It is especially practical for areas with harsh environments.

Microgreen Growing System - Microgreen Setup For Sale

Microgreen Setup

Automatic circulation system, low energy consumption, easy to operate, low maintenance, and reasonable price, which is a very popular hydroponic sprouting equipment for home or commercial, especially for places with drought and water shortage or severe cold.

dutch bucket system for sale

Dutch Bucket System

The dutch bucket system is currently the most popular bucket hydroponic drip system, and it is one of the few DWC bucket hydroponic systems ( deep water culture buckets) that can grow larger fruit and vegetable. Which with an automatic water circulation system, water-saving, energy-saving, simple installation, and relatively low cost, it is also suitable for home garden and commercial planting.

Hydroponic Fodder System Lyine Group

Hydroponic Fodder System

There are two popular types of hydroponic fodder systems. Hydroponic Microgreens Setup and Shipping Container Farm. These two hydroponic systems have their own advantages and type, but they are both also possible to use at home or in a greenhouse to grow fodder.

ebb and flow system vs flood and drain system lyine

Ebb and Flow System ( Flood and Drain System )

As a mature and efficient hydroponic irrigation technology, it can balance the contradiction between irrigation and oxygen supply, save water resources and increase the utilization rate of water and nutrient solutions. It has the characteristics of high germination rate, fast growth, simple operation, and easy management.

dwc hydroponic system deep water culture systems

DWC Hydroponics ( Deep Water Culture Systems )

Suitable for beginners, home garden planting, large plants, and aquaponics farming. There are usually deep-water aquaculture buckets and relatively large tanks with floating boards as the hydroponic style of DWC.



6 Types of Hydroponic Systems

6 types of hydroponic systems lyine group

What are the different types of hydroponics systems?

This is a good question. If it is considered from actual use, then the list of hydroponic systems that we have listed above is far from complete.

However, from the perspective of irrigation methods, it can be roughly divided into 6 types, as shown in the right picture, these are also the most popular types of hydroponic system applications in modern hydroponic farms.
They can contain almost all the types of hydroponic systems you know on the market.

How to design and applied these types of hydroponic systems?

  1. Deep Water System: Like the Dutch barrel system and aquaponics system can be used in this way.
  2. Wick System: The most commonly used for Zip wall hydroponic system, and flood drain system too.
  3. Drip System: One of the most commonly used irrigation methods, and low cost, is a relatively mature application technology.
  4. Ebb and Flow System: The nutrient and air exchange through regular water injection and drainage. The system can be used on trays or buckets.
  5. Aeroponics System: By atomizing water and nutrient solution to planting, the most classic setup is an aeroponic tower.
  6. Nutrient Film Technique: The NFT System, In order to make the water circulate, it must be tilted at a certain angle when building.

So, which hydroponic system is best?
or which hydroponic system is best for YOU? That is my question and that’s also what we’re going to do.

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