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If you want to engage in hydroponic planting in your home, garden, backyard, basement, roof, or greenhouse, etc. No matter what type of hydroponic system, I believe we can provide it, and before you pursue it, you can also get more free services.
Such as the design modification of setup, planting site planning, and providing necessary design drawings.
These can help you save time and understand the cost structure so that your ideas become reality before you invest.


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Why Choose Lyine Group

We’re More Than A Hydroponic System Manufacturer

As a designer of hydroponic systems, we need to manufacture hydroponic setups that can be effectively used in various environments. Therefore, we have participated in many projects, it even requires customers to give regular project feedback, timely correct product problems, and accumulate experience.

Customized Design

In addition to site planning and drawings design. LYINE determines the composition of hydroponic systems according to the actual conditions of the crops you plant, location, environment, and lack of water and electricity, etc.

Local Support

Installation, Design, After-sales Service. Among them, we cooperate with local design and software companies to help users quickly solve pre-planning and after-sales service problems. Especially the hydroponic farm project.

Complete System

You will be surprised that the range of hydroponic systems we can produce is so wide that it can almost meet the needs of all traders, farm owners, and end-users. Moreover, adjustments can be made in time according to actual needs.

Rich Experience

In Qinghai, Xinjiang, Dubai, and South Africa, etc., We help to build a number of hydroponic farm projects. And now, a 2,000㎡ hydroponic experimental exhibition greenhouse in cooperation with the local government is also under preparation.

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Greenhouse Hydroponic System

Greehouse Hydroponic System 400 Square Meters

▲ 400m2 ( 20×20 )

Shipping Container Farm

40 Foot Shipping Container Farm

▲ 40 Foot Refrigerated Container

Hydroponics Education Programs

90 Square Meters Hydrponic Classroom - Hydroponics Education Programs

▲ 90m2 ( 15×6 ) Hydroponic Classroom

Aquaponics System Design

400 Square Meters Aquaponics System Design

▲ 400m2 ( 20×20 )

Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Rooftop Indoor Hydroponic Garden

▲ Hydroponic Green Roofs

Small Hydroponics Setup

Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System 3x3 - Popular Small Hydroponics Setup

▲ Dutch Bucket System 3×3

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Lyine Group from China, starting in 1990. We focusing on the hydroponic solution with R&D, Production, OEM, and Project Cooperation.