What is a greenhouse hydroponic system?

The greenhouse hydroponic system is an advanced technology for growing plants. It suspends plant roots in water and supplies nutrients needed for plant growth through dissolved nutrients in the water. The Lyine greenhouse hydroponic system combines greenhouse environmental control technology, including controlling light, temperature, humidity and other factors to create the most suitable environment for plant growth, and has been widely used and promoted in modern agriculture.
Greenhouse hydroponic systems can significantly reduce water usage because water is recycled rather than evaporated or leaked away like traditional soil growing. Hydroponic systems can precisely control the nutrients received by plant roots, ensuring plants receive adequate nutrients, thereby promoting growth and development and increasing yields.
Greenhouse hydroponic systems are suitable for various types of plants, including vegetables, herbs, fruits, and more.

Our greenhouse types

Plastic film greenhouse
PC sheet greenhouse
Glass greenhouse

Hydroponic Greenhouse System Details

The main material:Steel,glass or PC board or film;

Important equipment:Tanks, water pumps, LED lights, water and fertilizer supply systems, intelligent operating systems, etc.

Installation process:easy and convenient;

Optional systems:Tower System, NFT Hydroponic Systems, etc.

Greenhouse is a very mature project, often used for vegetable and flower cultivation and seedling raising.  It has five major advantages: wind and pressure resistance, heat insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, easy installation, and long-lasting durability.

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What crops can you harvest in a greenhouse?

What crops can you harvest in a greenhouse?





Cherry Tomatoes










Bell Peppers

Why choose lyine

Customized Design
In addition to site planning anddrawings design. LYlNE determines the composition of hydroponic systems according to the actual conditions of the crops you plant,  location, environment, and lack of water and electricity,  etc.

Local Support
Installation, Design, After-sales Service.Among them,  we cooperate with local design and software companies to help users quickly solvepre-planning and after-sales serviceproblems. Especially the hydroponic farm project.

Complete System
You will be surprised that the range ofhydroponic systems we can produce is so wide that it can almost meet theneeds of all traders, farm owners, andend-users.Moreover adjustmentscan be made in time according to actual needs.

Rich Experience
In Qinghai, Xinjiang, Dubai, and SouthAfrica, etc., We help to build a numberof hydroponic farm projects. And now,a 2,000m hydroponic experimentalexhibition greenhouse in cooperation with the local government is also under preparation.

Customer Feedback And Application

Greenhouse Cucumbers

PC sheet greenhouse hydroponic

Plastic film greenhouse

Let us help you build a greenhouse hydroponic system